Baal, or Bael, refers to the Jewish-Christian demon, thought to be one of the Dukes in the kingdom of Hell, or possibly even Satan himself. Early demonologists that were unaware of the term “Ba’al” as it referred to numerous spirit entities that were worshipped locally, or of the god Hadad, that was worshipped and called […]


The term “Ba’al” or just Baal, before it was eventually built up to be a name for the Judeo-Christian demon Bael, was an honorific title meaning master,  or lord that originated mainly in the Northwest Semitic region. The title refers to gods or patron deities of the cities located in the Levant, or the Assyrian […]


In 1863, Collin de Plancy depicted Beelzebub as a large fly, with the poison symbol of a skull and cross bones on each of his wings. This illustration is featured in his book the Dictionnaire Infernal. The origin of this notorious demon, “Lord of Flies” and even synonym for Satan according to some sources, is […]

The Adversary

Satan, is the Hebrew word for “adversary”. It derived in Christian religion from terms used in Abrahamic faiths, applied today and throughout history to traditional belief about the fallen angel from Heaven. In Islamic religious tradition, it applies to the Jinn. In Hebrew ha-Satan is “the accuser”, or Satan itself, meaning “to overcome”– the accuser […]

The Lesser Key of Solomon

The Lesser Key of Solomon is a book that appeared during the 17th century, anonymously written, and is considered to be one of the most popular among the various grimoire–books or a book, containing rituals of witchcraft of the summoning of demonic spirits. The book claims to have been written by King Solomon himself, however […]

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